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For more than 30 years, Altair has been working on the design and execution of projects that bring people more and better development opportunities. 

Areas of Work
  • Human rights, democracy and the rule of law. 

  • Reform of public administration, local authorities, and decentralization. 

  • Migration, security, and conflict resolution.

  • Regional integration, political dialogue, and outreach.

  • Civil society and social inclusion.

  • Public finances.

  • Cross-cutting issues such as gender, sustainable development, and climate, and project monitoring and evaluation.

Geographic Areas

In the more than 30 years of history since its foundation, from ALTAIR ASESORES we have executed more than 350 Technical Assistance, Framework Contract, and Delegated Cooperation missions and projects, among other instruments, located in more than 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. To carry out these projects, we have an extensive network of experts from the public, private, and academic sectors, who make up our very complete database, which today has more than 10,000 resumes. 


In 1999, the founding partners of Altair Asesores created Almenara, a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to promote and promote initiatives that contribute to the development of the most disadvantaged social sectors, both in Spain and in developing countries, with special emphasis on attention to the needs of children, youth and women.

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